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26 Jul

The Hush on The Indie Show

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If you like your rock sexy, and in your face than you have certainly found your next addiction, with The Hush! They may call their home LA now, but The Hush is poised to storm much more than the City of Angels.

The Hush is fronted by Jazmine Giovanni, a sultry siren that has the power in her vocals and presence to command any viewer, stop and pay attention. Lee Landrum and Greg Pajer deliver a bed of guitar tracks that wrap eloquently around every melody, and the bass player Andrew James and Drummer Blake Paulson lay down the rest of the foundation for this powerful rock band.

One of the main things about The Hush, that impresses me is their attention to detail, starting with the origin of their name. Lead singer Jazmine Giovanni has spoken many times about how she has a theatrical background, and how this influences everything she does.

Picture this... You're at a concert, your excited to hear some incredible rock music, and the lights dim down. The crowd roars with excitement and then starts to settle in. For just a brief moment.. the band, the audience, everyone is quiet. It's ever so brief, but you know what I'm talking about. That moment exactly is where they say their name came from. That moment of silence, right before the explosion. No point of return. That sense of dramatic, and attention to detail comes across in every track that The Hush has released to date. It come across in their videos, their stage shows, and albums. They understand how to reach out and touch their audience.

With musical influences ranging from Freddie Mercury, Prince, NIN, and Marvin Gaye, not to mention their Berkley School of Music and opera musical backgrounds, these guys understand the importance of diversity. They also focus on the power of storytelling. The end result is a powerhouse vocal, on top of clever music, and in your face rock.

Make no mistake, as you read this! This is not just another female led rock band. You can make comparisons, but to categorize this band and move on, would leave you missing the overall talent of The Hush. Jazmine's range, matched with the diversity and talent of the rest of the band makes The Hush more than just another female led rock band. Their sense of injecting in pop sensibilities, and hooks leaves no doubt, this is a band that knows what the audiences wants.

This is a MUST listen and MUST view video. Trust me... You'll see why. The beginning of the video also delivers, in the 1st few seconds, that "hush" as you anticipate what is coming. This song offers a controlled frantic feeling, that ultimately proves Jazimine is in total control!! Tell me you don't get excited and aren't dancing & jumping around when Drummer Blake Paulson starts his drums soloing at the 3:20 mark, and I'll say you've lost your sense of fun!

In conclusion, the new single "Hanging By A Thread" proves this band is going to force people to pay attention, and that they are going to continue to deliver diversity with each song. "Hanging By A Thread" has hints of Fiona Apple, but lyrically tells such a great story, and once agains weaves incredible vocals & melody around a lush pop/rock track.

Find The Hush at:

Buy their music at:

Last modified on Friday, 26 July 2013 12:19
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